Sometimes my work inspires people to get in touch for coaching, empathy, or creative support.

I love these sorts of interactions.

I generally work a la carte. That is, you contact me when something is up for you, we talk, and then you go on your way until we set up another time (which is different than most coaching). My rate is $60 to $80/hour sliding scale.

Some of my favorite themes are:
Relationship frustration
Dating anxieties
Kink disclosure & stigma
Broken hearts
Finding more time for what matters to you
Brainstorming creative projects
Helping you find your inner voice and make big decisions
Helping you find the courage to say what you want to say & write what you want to write.
Literally helping you write it (editing)

That said, I’ve coached lots of different people and the chemistry matters much more than the topic.

I’m a certified life coach and a graduate of the NVC Mediation program.

My favorite modalities are NVC-style empathy (which helps people sink into their feelings) and NVC-style internal mediation (which resolves inner conflict). I also love "fantasy mediations" with people who won't or can't talk to you, or with abstract concepts (for example, resolving feelings with Global Warming). I have seen these fanciful conversations be cathartic and helpful.

Also, I'm happy to discuss my research areas and help you plan, practice and hone a kink disclosure. And I'm happy to talk to parents trying to understand their kinky offspring, or anyone else trying respond to kink empathetically while needing some empathy themselves.

We can talk on the phone or on Skype. If you're in the Boston area (or somewhere where I'm traveling) we can "walk and talk".

Contact me at