steering judgment (part 2)

January 12, 2002.

The previous evening I had done a performance where I encouraged the audience to adopt different types of body language, ranging from wide eyed enthusiasm to sneering judgement to see how it would affect their feelings about the performance of a dancing mechanical potted plant.  In this performance I encouraged them to apply the same enthusiasm / sneering / etc. to the performer, who was immobilized in Saran Wrap and therefor not able to do much "performing".    This performance was inspired by / created for an invitation to perform at a noise show, a genre which can sometimes be concerned with stretching an audience's expectations about what music is, possibly encouraging them to suspend judgments.  (I'm loathe to define "noise".)  
title: A series of body-language excercises 
billed as: 
event: Sub Zero 
date: January 12, 2002 
venue: Soap Factory 
city: Minneapolis
my role: concept and performance. The men carrying Tanya are Emil Hagstrom, Paul and Greg, Kurt and Chris.
subZERO 2002
Saturday, January 12th, 1-6pm
The Soap Factory, Minneapolis
LoVid,, Pengo, Asthmatic, Laundryroom Squelchers, The
Vig, Poet 1955, Sistrum, Cock E.S.P., Newton, Nitrous rOxide, Tripping on