Mother Love Raffle

2001. A piece designed to be terrifyingly tender in contrast to 9 mostly very loud noise bands on the Phi Phenomenon Tour.
The song is a Sinead O'Connor song, so it's cover performance art piece. I sell raffle tickets, and only one person per venue wins the experience of going in the door and going into the cape. What's inside is a mystery that can only known to the person who wins the Mother Love Raffle. Metaphor!!!

We performed in the following venues:

MOCA DC, Washington DC, Good/Bad Art Gallery, Brooklyn NY, Berwick Research Institute, Boston MA, Hive Archives, Providence RI, AVA Gallery, Lebanon NH, Millvale Industrial Theater, Pittsburgh PA, Madlab, Columbus OH, Flywheel, EastHampton MA, Speak in Tongues, Cleveland OH, Fireside Bowl, Chicago IL

Later I took this piece to Philadelphia Fringe Festival.