Strangers in Paradise

2001. This performance marked a profound change for me.  I was moving away from a type of "cool" or "aloof" performance and was becoming curious about what seemed to me to be much more cheesy kinds of connection.  I was reading M. Scott Peck's A Different Drum in which he asserts that they effectiveness of group meetings like 12 step meetings is mainly about consistent meeting and the commitment of members to a certain frank sharing.  I wanted to start such a group, so to invite people, I did this peformance:  High above Manhattan on a slanted rooftop, a fashion drama enfolds to the song Stranger in Paradise. A farmer (Tali Hinkis) is caring for an egg (beautiful egg outfit). When it hatches she has has to teach it to fly (bird kimono with beak collar). The bird matures and is ready to reproduce (egg dress). The egg pouch of this final dress contains real eggs which open and contain invitations to join "Tuesday at 8" a group with no specific agenda except to foster intimate communication and meet on Tuesdays at 8pm.  This group did form for a while and was quite sweet.

title: Strangers in Paradise 
event: May Flies 
date: May 19, 2001 
venue: Scrape and Pry 
city: New York
my role: Costumes by Tanya. Concept and performance with Tali Hinkis.