giant empty loft party

2001. My friend Golan was moving out of his loft, and the going away party became an enormous event. It was the first thing I ever advertised on the internet, and I remember thinking, “Oh, wow, that really works.” Hundreds of people came.

This was the bill:

--=== pre-show 9PM ===
Golan Levin plays live dance music by drawing,
Harris Wulfson amplified violin with The Cook Sisters,
Tanya Bezreh premieres “Surfing Wedding”,
then Seema Kapur's The Saga Continues.--

=== THeN DJ SouND 10pm + ===

10:00 --- mos
11:15 --- sheldon drake
12:45 --- white owl
2:15 --- vital
3:45 --- klevervice on the chill pill

This will not be a strange alienating dance party, we are doing it pure heart.

Further visual love: Kyle Lapidus and Tali Hinkis Reflex Video Tele Text (also Tali's Birthday), video by Seema, icons by Catherine Corman, projected collage by Ant, outer galaxies by Ian Mulvany. Phillip Tiongson super 8. Estee Pierce is cooking. 

event: giant empty loft
date: May 19, 2001 

venue: giant empty loft 

city: Brooklyn
my role: party planner with Golan Levin