school days @ Rubulad

2001. puppet show / performance.  

A day at Catholic school ends with a drunken school bus driver crashing the bus and dying. The school day involved a science fair (with exploding volcano), a three-legged race at recess, and one of those annoying art teachers that "corrects" the audience's drawings.  It's a comedy of funny puppet effects until it ends with a bus crash set to Prince's "Sometimes it Snows in April".

The puppet show turns unexpectedly tragic, but the performance led to total magic.  At this show, Kyle Lapidus met Tali Hinkis who are now married, have three children and are spectacularly successful video artists together.  

title: School Day 
event: Benefit for Radio Free Williamsburg 
date:April 15, 2001 
venue: Rubulad 
city: New York
my role: Puppets and performance by Kyle Lapidus and Tanya Bezreh and several helpful audience members.